Choosing From Different Type of Drywall Materials

Learn From a Reliable Drywall Contractor

With today’s technology and constant innovation, there are numerous drywall materials that most homeowners do not even know existed. That is why a basic knowledge about these materials can really be helpful when deciding what to install in your home. As a trusted and reputable drywall contractor in the area, we will give you insights about the different types of drywall materials available on the market today.

Traditional Drywall

Commonly used in many homes, regular drywall or whiteboard comes with a wide array of sizes. Whether you are looking for a ⅜ or 1-inch thickness, this drywall material is a great option. This type of drywall is considered as the most cost-efficient and commonly used in DIY projects. But to achieve a long-lasting result, it’s always best to hire a professional drywall contractor for the job.

Moisture Resistant

In most homes, drywall covers unsightly plumbing systems. It would be practical to look for materials that are moisture resistant. Drywall material like green board drywall, blue board drywall, paperless drywall, purple drywall, and even cement board are great options for homeowners who want to ensure a moisture-free drywall. Choosing moisture resistant drywall will not only protect your ceilings and walls from damages caused by extreme moisture, it can also prevent fungi growth.

Fire Resistant

It is practical to use a drywall material that is fire-resistant. Products like Type X and C Drywall can be excellent options for any home and commercial establishment. Because this material is fire-resistant, it can help minimize the possibility of damage caused by a disastrous fire.

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