Eliminate These Drywall Defects Immediately

Call for Drywall Repair Immediately

Drywall is a top choice if you’re looking for a quick and easy option to finish the interiors of your home. They’re certainly an ineffective option, as well, and can be easy to install. They are, however, prone to various types of damage that can be hazardous and downright unappealing make sure you’ve hired a drywall repair service to take care of that damage, as it will be beneficial for the condition of your home. Call one immediately if you spot any of these common types of drywall damage:

Water Damage

Damage as a result of exposure to excess moisture and water definitely isn’t nice to look at. Not only will they leave an unsightly stain on your wall, they’ll also be the breeding ground for bacteria such as mold and mildew. Warping and wall decay can also occur, so hire a service to apply professional repairs.

Scuff Marks

Scuff marks may come up if you push appliances and other fixtures too hard against your drywall. These marks can be easy to clean, however, they can leave permanent scars and scratches if you’re not too careful.

Exposed Nails

When your wall starts decaying, exposed nails may emerge. Hammering them in may not provide any use, as it could impede the surfaces and cause further damage. Hire an expert to redo your walls instead.


Did you accidentally trip into your wall? Don’t worry, that happens. Just make sure you don’t cover it up with quick fixes, however, and hire a reliable drywall repair service for a solution.

Termite Damage

No homeowner wants their home overrun with termites from the inside out. They can definitely put the integrity of your home’s structure in jeopardy, so have them exterminated. To renew your wall, make sure you’ve hired a capable drywall repair service.

Don’t ignore fixing these issues. Make sure to hire a residential drywall service like Progresso Drywall & Painting LLC if you live in Indianapolis, IN. Call now for appointments at (317) 503-3941.